My Blog is finally online! Hooray!

January 01, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

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Okay you guys! I have done blogs a few different times in the past, but they have always fizzled out over time. It's true. I would run out of things to blog about ( or so I would tell myself ) and then they would just slowly fade away... But, this time will be different! Seriously, I swear it's true - this time, I have a plan! So, the one thing that hasn't ever fizzled out over time is the fact that I routinely post to Facebook and Instagram - I've been posting to both of those for years and they are still going strong - and so what I'm going to do is simply make my blog a part of that "system". I will post to all three, and sometimes, something that shows up on my Facebook will also show up on my blog, and vice versa, and the same with Instagram, too.

It's brilliant! It's foolproof! It's something I should have done long ago!

Okay, so anyway, here it is - my new blog! I hope very much that you enjoy it!


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