Fabiola and Francisco's Wintery Engagement Session at Inniswood Metro Gardens

January 17, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

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In this post, it is my privilege to present to you Fabiola and Francisco, and their winter engagement session at the picturesque Inniswood Metro Gardens, where they turned the chilly weather into a canvas for their love story. The snow-covered grounds provided a magical setting, enhancing the romantic atmosphere as this beautiful couple celebrated their recent engagement.

Despite the cold temperatures, Fabiola and Francisco radiated warmth and joy throughout the session. The pristine white snow created a serene backdrop, perfectly accentuating the genuine connection between them. 

As a photographer, capturing Fabiola and Francisco's love amidst the winter wonderland of Inniswood Metro Gardens was a delightful experience. The laughter echoed against the snowy landscape, creating a unique and enchanting engagement session. The cold weather became an opportunity to snuggle close, creating not just beautiful photographs but also lasting memories of a day filled with love, laughter, and the charm of a winter embrace.




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