Wedding Season is upon us! Woohoo!

May 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It probably wouldn't surprise you to know that, as a wedding photographer, I kinda sorta completely LOVE wedding season!!! Seriously, I truly love it! While I do shoot weddings every month of the year, I get most of them between the months of April and October and so that is always a very busy but very exciting time of the year for me. Because I truly love weddings and everything about them, including photographing them, I am kind of in a constant state of excitement throughout! That may or may not be healthy, I suppose, but there is really nothing I can do about it, and frankly I wouldn't change it if I could. It is fun and exciting and very, very rewarding and it is definitely something I will continue to do for as long as I possibly can!

Are you on the look for a wedding photographer? If you are, and you want one who truly loves what they do, then I hope you will take a look at all that I have to offer and get in touch!


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