Wedding cakes for when you just need a little delicious in your life!

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If you know me at all, then you know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings! I love everything about weddings! So, being a wedding photographer is truly a dream job for me! But I think that if I could not be a wedding photographer, then I would want to still be a wedding professional of some sort - maybe a planner, or a florist, or work in a bridal boutique - something like that. Or maybe - just maybe - I could make wedding cakes!

Okay, you got me! I secretly wish I could make wedding cakes! I am actually kind of obsessed by wedding cakes. First of all, they are nearly always incredibly beautiful! And they nearly always are unique to each bride and groom, and often have a special meaning to them. They are a joy to photograph, and I love the challenge of picking just the right angle and just the right lighting and just the right settings to make them look as perfect in the digital world as they do in the real world!

Finally, I love to eat them! Not the whole cake, although I would be willing to try! Just a piece is fine, though. With the couples permission, I almost always try to get a little slice of the cake when I photograph a wedding. I cannot help myself - they are just so delicious!

In any case, I have thousands of beautiful pictures of wedding cakes, and do you have any idea how difficult it was choosing just 4 or 5 for my website? Can you even imagine? Even worse - the more I look at them, the hungrier I get! It's torture I tell you!

So, there's a picture at top, and here are a few more of my favorites - I hope you enjoy looking at them without eating them!


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