Absolutely Adorable!

May 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had such a wonderful time on my photoshoot with these two adorable little twin girls!

But it wasn't necessarily easy...

So, we had first tried to do their photoshoot about a week earlier, but this being Ohio, we found ourselves faced with heavy rain throughout the day! We tried to make it work, and actually decided to move from our outdoor location to an indoor location, but it was raining soooo hard that we couldn't even get out of our cars to go inside without being completely soaked! So, we had to cancel for that day, with plans to reschedule.

Fast forward to one week later - this time, the weather looked to be really nice and we weren't going to let anything stop us! But, this time one of the little girls decided that she wasn't really in the mood for a photoshoot! OH NO! ( That's really not uncommon with little kids, though... ) So, she spend the next half hour or so hiding behind her Mommy's leg while I did photos with her sister, who was in the mood for a photoshoot!

Long story short - after not too long at all, both girls were having a ball and we had a fabulous photoshoot and created soooo many beautiful images! It was fun and the girls got to play and explore a new park and it all worked out wonderfully!

The image above is one of my first edits from the shoot, but I will be posting many more!


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